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    Quick Neck Guide (SI TECH)

    Quick Neck Guide (SI TECH)

    The Quick Neck system is designed as a modular seal attachment platform
    providing the opportunity to quickly change a broken, torn or aged seal.

    It provides you with the flexibility to choose from a variety of seals made
    from silicone or latex, each with different properties



    The system itself consist of four components:

    • Quick Neck Ring
    • Lock Ring
    • Neck Ring Tool
    • Neck Seal (silicone or latex)


    • You can choose from a variety of seals; fabrics and sizes.
    • If a seal breaks, you will be able to quickly solve the problem without ruining the activity of the day.
    • A suit used by several people can easily be adjusted with
    • correct size of seal within minutes.

    1. Mounting seal

    1.1 Place the Lock Ring on the inside of the seal. Ensure that approximately 1,5 cm of the seal is pulled over the Lock Ring.
    1.2 Put the seal in position over the Neck Ring (mounted on your drysuit) with the Lock Ring on top of the tapered groove in the Neck Ring.
    1.3-1.4 Put the Neck Ring Tool in position as image displays. By applying force, press the Lock Ring down into the tapered groove of the Neck Ring so that the 
    Lock Ring enters the groove and locks into position. Use a flat surface when performing this operation.
    1.5 Push the Neck Ring Tool forward along the Lock Ring until all of it has
    been forced into the groove in the Neck Ring. (Strive to get the same amount of excess part of seal around the entire assembly, see image 1.6)
    1.6 Ensure that the excess part of the seal is similar throughout the entire dressing. We recommend between 1,5-2 cm.
    1.7 Check that the Lock Ring is in position by following the groove 360°.
    1.8 After completing the seal attachment section, perform a security check: Grab the end of the seal as the image shows and pull it gently away from the joint to ensure that it is seated properly. Do not use excessive force! Simulate the same force as used when donning suit.

    2. Detaching seal

    2.1 The Quick Neck Ring is designed for dynamic flexibility and will not demand tools for re- lease of the Lock Ring and seal. You can easily release the Lock Ring by using your fingers. Grab the neck seal with one hand and bend (open) the Quick Neck Ring with the other hand. Pull firmly until the seal and Lock Ring comes loose.


    * NOTE: Be aware of the fact that sharp finger nails might damage the seal.

    Important information

    Before donning the drysuit it is of great importance to check that the Lock Ring is still fixed in its position. This must be checked every time before entering the drysuit. Make this a standard routine!


    If you notice that the Lock Ring accidently comes out of its position in the groove of the Quick Neck Ring you must check if there is eventual damages to the Quick Neck Ring or the Lock Ring. Images marked ”A” displays that a section of the Lock Ring of some reason have been released from its proper position. Check the Quick Neck Ring for damages before mounting the seal again. Images marked ”B” displays the Lock Ring in its proper position fixed into the groove of the Quick Neck Ring.


    These are suggested instructions only

    Whatever method chosen, be certain the neck seal, be it latex or silicone, is properly treated. Always make a leakage and stress test on your drysuit seals before diving.

    3. Donning

    When donning a drysuit with a Quick Neck System mounted it is of great importance that you do not create unnecessary force to the Quick Neck assembly. This might cause the seal to come out of its position putting the user in danger.


    Grab the seal with your fingers and support with enough force to ease for your head to come through the seal.


    Do not use this method when donning your drysuit. You will expose your drysuit, Quick Neck and seal to unnecessary force that might break the seal or force the seal to come loose from the Quick Neck assembly.


    When packing the drysuit it is of great importance that the Quick Neck assembly ends up in a ”flat position”. If the Quick Neck assembly is packed in a twisted position it might force the Lock Ring out of the locking groove.


    Would you like more information?

    We recommend the following video:

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