The E.Lite drysuit from Santi weighs in at only 4.2kg for an entire drysuit, this is partly due to the E.lite being made using a Nylon/Butlyen/Polyester trilaminate. Nylon trilaminates are great as they are very hard wearing, supple - allowing for great flexibility and also dry very quickly making traveling and storing them very easy. Uniquely, ripstop nylon is used in the manufacture of the E.lite providing even better wear resistance. Rip-stop nylon has nylon thread interwoven into the fabric in a crosshatch pattern, this makes standard nylon similar in strength to cordura while being much lighter, more flexible and also looks great. 

The E.lite is very flexible thanks to lots of thoughtful features, firstly the rip-stop nylon trilaminate is very lightweight for easy movement. A front zip has been utilized on the E.lite which provides great flexibility over a back zip and also provides other benefits. A front zipper allows the E.lite to be taken on and off by the diver completely unaided, allowing the user themselves to confirm that the zip is indeed completely closed. The dryzip is completely covered by a protective flap that is closed with a plastic zipper, this outer zip protects the waterproof zip from abrasion from dive gear and also in water contaminants. The plastic construction of the outer zip makes it hard wearing and resistant to many of the extreme conditions found in diving. A telescopic torso design also makes the suit very flexible as it allows the middle section to move with you, it also provides the extra room needed to get into a front entry drysuit. Santi use two pieces of elastic at the back which join into one piece at the front, this keeps the back in the correct location while keeping making the elastic strap simple to connect with one pinch clip. Santi use a elastic of a correct width to provide proper tension on the upper part of the suit so that it returns to exactly the right position when it needs to.  

As standard the E.lite is fitted with a pocket on the outside of each thigh. The pockets on the E.lite are cavernous and are easily capable of holding all the accessories needed during the dive such as SMB's, spools, a spare mask and anything else that may be of importance. The pockets both feature double internal bungee and a velcro closure flap that has thick cord attached to the edge for easy opening even when wearing the bulkiest of drygloves. The pocket on the right thigh features a zippered opening on the flap which provides the perfect storage location of spare double enders or other small accessories.

The E.lite is fitted with Kevlar knee pads as standard, these have been designed to provide protection in only the areas that need to as to make the suit as flexible as possible and provide maximum protection to high wear areas. The E.lite is fitted with wide elastic suspenders that keep the suit from falling down if only put on half way at the surface. It also keeps the crotch pulled tight when diving to provide the best freedom of movement for delicate finning techniques. The wide elastic used makes the suspenders really comfortable over long periods and have an attached pouch at the front which is perfect for storing car keys or other small items that need to be kept safe during a dive. 

The E.lite is fitted with Apeks high profile exhaust and inlet valves, both of which are considered the industry standard. The high profile exhaust valve is adjustable for perfect control of gas expansion on ascent. The neck seal is protected by a 6mm neoprene collar, this keeps the neck area warm as it provides some thermal protection. It also provides even more insulation when the collar of a diving hood is tucked inside of it, it also stops the collar of a hood riding up the divers face.

The E.Lite is fitted with flexsoles, these allows the greatest freedom of movement while still protecting the sole of the foot. Flexsoles are effectively neoprene socks that have grippy rubber sole firmly attached to the bottom, which includes toe and heel caps. The heel cap also features a fin strap retaining to stop a fin strap slipping off the back of the foot. A velcro strap just above the ankle makes the flexsole extremely secure reducing the chance of it popping off to almost zero.

Available mens sizes:

Available ladies sizes:
XS, S, SL, M, ML, MLL, LS, L, LL, XLS, XL, XXL. 

  • 4.2kg total weight
  • 450gr/sqm ripstop nylon fabric
  • Telescopic torso
  • Dryzip protected by additional outer zipped cover
  • High profile Apeks exhaust valve
  • Apeks inflator valve
  • Two pockets with internal bungee loops
  • Right pocket has small zippered pocket on flap
  • Kevlar knee pads
  • Latex or neoprene neck seal
  • Heavy duty bottle style wrist seals
  • Flexsole boots
  • Suspenders
  • 6mm neoprene hood collar
  • Medium pressure hose
  • E.lite bag
  • 3 year guarantee

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SANTI Elite Drysuit

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