We have a large range of accessories in stock for all your SCUBA diving needs whether technical diving or recreational diving.  

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SPG - 100% Oxygen rated

Submersible Pressure Guage - rated for 100% Oxygen, reads to 450 bar...

Ex Tax: €48.78

SPG - Tek Plated

Submersible Pressure Gauge - Tek Plated, 300 bar gauge...

Ex Tax: €44.71

SPG 60mm - Standard with High Pressure Hose

Submersible Pressure Guage 60mm - Standard with High Pressure Hose ..

Ex Tax: €60.97

SPG Double Contents with Hose

Submersible Pressure Gauge with depth gauge and high pressure hose...

Ex Tax: €101.63

SPG First Stage Button Pressure Gauge

Submersible Button Pressure Gauge for First Stage ...

Ex Tax: €20.32

SPG Oxygen Mini with High Pressure Hose

Mini submersible pressure gauge (SPG) for use with Oxygen and a high pressure hose...

Ex Tax: €60.97

Stage Rigging Kit

Stage Rigging Kit This simple but elegant solution provides a reliable and streamlined solution for..

Ex Tax: €28.45

SUEX XJoy 14 Scooter

TECHNICAL FEATURESCode:70400Model:XJOY 14Length:mm 795 (inch 31,3)Width:mm 430 (inch 16,93..

Ex Tax: €3,330.00

SUEX XJOY 2 Scooter

This is the new recreational DPV from Suex. This small lightweight scooter is designed for recreatio..

Ex Tax: €1,299.00

SUEX XJOY 37 Scooter N-Handle Prop Lock 4 Blades

TECHNICAL FEATURES Code:70700 Model:XJOY 37Length:mm 795 (inch 31,3)Width:mm 430 (inch 16,93)Heigh..

Ex Tax: €4,830.00

SUEX XJOY 7 Scooter

TECHNICAL FEATURES Code:70571 Model:XJOY 7Length:mm 790 (inch 31.1)Weight with battery:kg 19 (lb 4..

Ex Tax: €1,490.00

SUEX XJOY Carry Handle - All Models

SUEX XJOY Carry Handle - All Models..

Ex Tax: €40.00



Ex Tax: €25.00

SUEX XJoy XK1 Scooter

TECHNICAL FEATURES Code:70420 Model:XK 1Length:mm 960 (inch 37,8)Width:mm 460 (inch 18,11)Height:m..

Ex Tax: €6,030.00

Swagelock QC6 Quick Disconnect Female

Swagelock QC6 Quick Disconnect Female..

Ex Tax: €72.38