A range of masks for snorkelling or diving.

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Aqua Lung Favola Diving Mask

Aqua Lung Favola Diving MaskA generous lens shape gives the low-volume, twin-lens Favola the feel of..

Ex Tax: €52.84

Aqua Lung Favola Set

Aqua Lung Favola Mask and Purge Snorkel setGuarantees an incredible field of visionThe lenses are at..

Ex Tax: €69.10

Aqua Lung Teknika Diving Mask

Built to withstand the rigours of technical diving, the Teknika's two-piece shock resistant frame is..

Ex Tax: €52.84

Aqua Lung Ventura+ Mask

Great designs stand the test of time, and the Ventura+ continues the tradition of a mask long used b..

Ex Tax: €44.71

Comoda Foldable Mask

COMODA foldable mask Low volume silicone mask with no connection between each eye frame. This mask f..

Ex Tax: €24.39