SANTI Espace Drysuit

SANTI Espace Drysuit

The Santi ESpace stands for Enduro Space and is similar in design to the Enduro but is made from a lightweight nylon trilaminate as opposed to a cordura trilaminate. The Espace is made from a Nylon/Butylen/Polyester trilaminate material that weighs in at 420gr/sqm, an entire suit weighs around 4kg in total. Santi have endeavored to make sure that the ESpace drysuit in no way hinders or restricts any movements made by the diver. This ensure that any task the diver needs to carry out during the dive or at the surface can be made in complete comfort. 

The Enduro Space is fitted with a long front entry zipper which not only makes the suit far more flexible than a suit with a back zip but it also allows the user to get in and out of the suit completely unaided allowing for speedy entry and exit from the suit. A front zip is also less prone to excess wear than a backzip as the zip moves very little during the dive as the diver moves around. The dryzip is covered by two flaps of heavy duty fabric which help to reduce wear from dive gear such as a harness. 

A telescopic torso design is featured on the Espace, this provides upto an extra 30cm of upward movement in the suit. This provides the extra room needed to comfortably pull the neck seal above the users head and it also means that it is easier to reach behind the head. This added flexibility makes doing shut down drills on both singles and twinsets so much easier than a traditional fixed torso design as the sides of the suit are able to slide up the body rather than catching on undergarments and going tight. 

On each leg of the Espace is a large, bellows pocket that is fitted with an internal d-ring for attachment of a variety of diving accessories. Espace pockets are easily capable of carrying surface marker buoys, spare masks, torches, spools, compact cameras, anything that may be needed on a dive or in an emergency. The bellows design allows the pocket to lay as flat as possible to reduce drag eliminate the 'sea anchor' effect of some pocket designs. 

Standard 6mm thick neoprene boots are used in the construction of the Espace providing excellent ankle support and are built to withstand countless arduous shore entries and exits. The cuffs are fitted with heavy duty latex wrist seals to provide an excellent seal that will last for many seasons, the neck is fitted with a standard latex seal for excellent comfort and sealing performance. The neck is also fitted with a 3mm neoprene collar that provides extra insulation to the neck area. Apeks inlet and outlet valves are fitted as standard and are considered the benchmark in drysuit inflation and venting. Internal suspenders provide support for the top portion of the suit when half worn at the surface for increased comfort and also keeps the crotch in the correct position when diving to allows the best possible freedom of movement for effective swimming. 

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Santi ESpace key features:

  • 4kg total weight
  • 420gr/sqm Nylon/Butylen/Polyester trilaminate
  • Telescopic torso
  • Dryzip protected by a simple flap
  • Apeks inflator and exhaust valves
  • One pocket on each thigh
  • Latex or 3mm neck seal
  • Heavy duty bottle style wrist seals
  • 6mm neoprene boots
  • Suspenders
  • 6mm standard neoprene hood
  • Medium pressure hose
  • Santi drysuit bag
  • 3 year guarantee

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