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Apeks ATX40 DS4 Regulator & ATX40 Octopus

The DS4 First stage.The performance of the DS4 first stage is the same as the TX-40 and 50 first..

€399.75 Ex Tax: €325.00

Apeks DRY100L Single Core with Drain Dump

If you need a workhorse in your dive kit, look no further than the new range of dry bags from Apek..

€159.95 Ex Tax: €159.95

Apeks MTX-R Stage 3 Regulator Set

The Apeks MTX-R Stage 3 Set is a super tough and super cold water regulator taken from Apeks' mili..

€813.01 Ex Tax: €660.98

Apeks WTX-D60R Twin Cylinder Wing

The WTX and WTX-D Series is a selection of harnesses, buoyancy cells and accessories which offer u..

€420.00 Ex Tax: €420.00

Apeks XL4 Regulator Stage 3 Set

The Apeks XL4 is a compact, lightweight regulator suitable for diving in all environments includin..

€525.00 Ex Tax: €525.00

Apeks XTX200 Regulator with Egress Octopus

The XTX200 regulator can be converted from a right handed hose configuration (as supplied from the..

€689.00 Ex Tax: €689.00